Christmas time is just about here and if you’re looking for some dessert ideas for the festive season, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s plenty of options. Different countries celebrate Christmas in very different ways, especially when it comes to food! Let’s take a look at some iconic desserts for Christmas from around the world.



A sweet bread that originated in Milan, Panettone is a common Christmas sweet for many Italians and has influenced similar desserts throughout Europe and Latin America. The Pan de Pascua, for example, is one of Chile’s most iconic Christmas foods and is something of an adaptation of the Panettone. While there are many variations in terms of which ingredients are used, the classic Panettone usually contains fruits like orange, lemon and sultana within the bread. Stories of Panettone’s origin go back to the Roman period and the cake is renowned for its distinctive shape.


Eggnog is not a big part of Australian culture yet, but it has been tied to Christmas in the US and Canada for a very long time. In fact, Americans and Canadians will often enjoy it from Thanksgiving through to Christmas time. Basically, eggnog is a creamy, chilled, punch that contains brandy or some other dark spirit. Its key ingredients are milk, eggs and sugar and it often makes up the main aspect of desserts around Christmas time.

Christmas Pudding


No doubt the first Christmas dessert that comes to mind, Christmas pudding has a long history in Australia! Its history and cultural significance have naturally resulted in a number of legends and traditions that surround it. Plum puddings make the perfect dessert for a number of reasons, but what you often forget is just how good they keep. In fact, the best puddings are usually prepared 4-5 weeks before Christmas! So if you’re going to buy traditional Christmas puddings online, ordering now isn’t going to be a problem.

Vanilla Cookies


Christmas cookies are enjoyed in many different cultures, with usually only slight variations. This is particularly the case with Vanilla cookies, which are popular in various places around the world at Christmas. The Germans, for instance, eat the Vanillekipferl, crescent-shaped vanilla cookies that are topped with icing sugar. In neighbouring Austria, the Linzer cookies are very similar but filled with raspberry jam. Meanwhile, the Danes have their Vanijekranse (or ‘vanilla wreaths’), which are all the rage through the festive season. There are even popular Christmas cookies in the Dominican Republic that are quite similar.

Yule Log Cake


The Yule log cake originated in France but is now served in various European countries and the French part of Canada too. This is essentially a log-shaped sponge cake, but it’s not just about the shape. When done properly, the cake truly resembles a tree branch, with a groove brown covering that is intentional made to look like bark and icing sugar on top which gives looks like snow and adds to the Christmas feeling.
While Christmas puddings always have a big role to play in your festive celebrations, don’t be afraid to spice things up and serve some of these traditional Christmas sweets. Keep an eye here for more tips to make this Christmas one to remember!

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